We can install block, concrete, shingle and resin bound stone. All of them have their own advantages, not all will be appropriate for you.

We can discuss the best option for you when making your decision.

All our driveways are installed to the SUDS 2008 regulations.

Did you know..

Did you know we use weed inhibiting sand in all our driveways as standard? Weeds are no longer an issue.

Construction Stages


Stage 1

The chosen area is marked out and excavated to an overall depth of 300mm(12 inches). If access allows, our own diggers and dumpers are used for a quick professional job.

Stage 2

Once the area gas been excavated it is time to install a permeable membrane, we then backfill with 200mm of hardcore. The hardcore is built up in layers, each layer is tracked in with the sigger and compacted with a large plate compactor to ensure a solid base.

Stage 3

The 3rd stage of a strong quality driveway is proper edge restraints. Every block driveway must have these as they prevent the finished paving from spreading sideways. The standard edgings we use are a pre-cast concrete edging. They are 150mm deep and 900mm long and are laid on a bed of concrete and haunched front and back. Decorative kerbs are available.

Stage 4

For the blocks to be laid to the correct levels, they need to be laid on a good quality bed of sharp sand that has been well compacted. The sand is laid to 30mm and it is then screeded to the correct levels.

Stage 5

The next stage is to lay the blocks. As standard we use a 60mm block 20% deeper than most use. This size block is suitable for a driveway that's regularly used and will comfortably take the weight of a 4x4, van and occasionally trucks (7.5ton). We use diamond cutting dics to cut all of the blocks, this leaves you with a perfect cut that are meticulously installed.

Stage 6

The final stage is to clear the driveway and fill the joints. This stage bonds the blocks together. We use a weed inhibiting sand in all our block driveways. It is then compacted several times with a large plate compactor. The driveway is then brushed off and hosed down to remove excess dust.

Construction Diagram


Before - Under Construction - After

Our Work

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The Driveway Company are a family run business specialising in driveways and patios. We have carried out services across Milton Keynes since 1987. Our team of professional landscapers will expertly install or repair you driveway. We are so confident in our work that will offer a 10 year installation guarantee for our block paved driveways.

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