40% of our new installations are patios and we have specialist equipment to carry out an efficient, quality service.

We have installed thousands of square metres of paving and have lots of design ideas to help create that perfect garden space for you to enjoy.

The key to a quality lasting patio is the specification. All our patios come with a 10-year installation guarantee and the pointing is guaranteed for 4 years.
We have searched for the best products, that is why we use German engineered resin based jointing compound in all our slab patios, joints that will last the test of time.

Construction Stages


Stage 1

The chosen area is to be marked out and excavated to an overall depth of 175mm. If access allows we use our own micro digger and micro dumper.

Stage 2

Now the area is excavated we ship in 100mm of hardcore, this ensures the paving has a solid base to bed the slabs onto. The hardcore is compacted with a large plate compactor.

Stage 3

At this stage drainage is taken into consideration and any decorative border blocks or edging are installed onto a concrete bed.

Stage 4

We are now ready to start laying the slabs. It is important that the slabs are laid onto a full mortar bed, this gives full coverage and adhesion to the base of the slab and prevents the pointing from dropping down. The bedding course is 50mm deep and is made of 3 parts sharp sand, 3 parts soft sand, 1 part cement.

Stage 5

When we point our paving in we use a specialist German engineered epoxy resin jointing compound. This compound is not affected to the freeze and thaw cycle, it also sticks to the slab and the laying course creating a superior strong joint.

Construction Diagram


Our Work


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About The Driveway Company

The Driveway Company are a family run business specialising in driveways and patios. We have carried out services across Milton Keynes since 1987. Our team of professional landscapers will expertly install or repair you driveway. We are so confident in our work that will offer a 10 year installation guarantee for our block paved driveways.

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