Permeable Paving

Permeable paving is carried out to a similar method as standard paving and the basic concept is that water will pass between the joints of the paving and through the base, where the water can be stored and permeate into the ground below.

This specification allows the water to pass down from the top of the block all the way down to the soil below.

Remeable paving is becoming more and more popular and sometimes is the best option.

Construction Stages


Stage 1

Excavate to a depth of 320mm and lay a permeable membrane.

Stage 2

Install 200mm of specialist screened angular hardcore. (This hardcore has had all the fines removed, it allows the water to pass through and being angular it locks together to make sure the base stays strong). This hardcore is compacted the same in layers.

Stage 3

Lay another layer of permeable membrane, this is to stop the laying course mixing with the hardcore.

Stage 4

Lay 50mm of 6mm grit stone, this is compacted and needs a minimum depth of 50mm. This stone contains no fines and allows the water to pass through.

Stage 5

Lay 60mm permeable blocks, the blocks are cut with diamond cutting discs and jointed with the same 6mm grit stone.

Construction Diagram


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