Sealing Paving

Should paving be sealed?

Although sealing is not essential we do recommend sealing paving as it does provide many benefits to the performance of your paving.
  • Protects against UV fade.
  • Enhances the colours of the paving.
  • Reduces maintenance of paving.
  • Reduces weed growth in paving.
  • Keeps the paving looking newer for longer.
  • The sealer we use is a full resin content acrylic sealer. It is a high-quality sealer that is easier to ise in the great British weather.
  • Easily restored if moisture is introduced during the process.
  • Top up coats can be added during the sealers life time.
  • Long lasting.
  • Matt finish and satin finish available.

The Process:

  1. Once the paving has been cleaned and resanded we are ready to start the sealing process.
  2. A walk over is carried out making sure all the joints are suitably filled.
  3. The paving is then cleared with a leaf blower to make sure there is no sand left on the surface of the paving.
  4. The first coat of sealer os applied using a roller or a sprayer, making sure to saturate the joints.
  5. Wait approximately an hour before the next coat is applied, making sure that no vehicles or foot traffic pass over the paving.
  6. The second coat is applied at a perpendicular angle to the first coat, this coat will be a thinner coat, ensure no lines are left in the finish.
  7. Leave the paving for at least 2 hours before any foot traffic and 24 hours before any behicles pass over.

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